Ruben Albares

District One Director

Ruben Albares joined LULAC in 1987, has held various officers’ positions. Within his thirty-five years, a career in management and involvement with the City of Lubbock Community Development Committee; Ruben has influenced the key components of leadership and customer relations.  Retired state employee.

Sam Gonzales


A LULAC member for 37 years, Sam has held several council officer positions. Retired from the Lubbock Central Appraisal District as a land appraiser, his business experience has been in finance, insurance, and banking, as well as federal agency positions with the 2000 Census and FDIC. He currently serves on the City of Lubbock Appointments Advisory Board.  

Ray Lozada

Vice President

(Bio not available)

Grace Q. Gonzales


Grace joined LULAC as a youth member and Council 263 in 1985. She has served as District Director, President, Vice President, VP/Youth, Secretary, and has also chaired the Education Committee. She works at Amerigroup and serves on boards for Special Olympics, Civic Lubbock Inc. and the Heart of Lubbock Neighborhood Association.

Alice Lozada


Alice Lozada is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s in education and a master’s in social work. She is a Partnership Specialist with the Census Bureau. Her civic and community engagement spans over 25 years. Faith, family, and advocacy are her priorities.

Jaime Garcia


Jaime has been a long-time member and has served in many roles and capacities. He is an accountant and has served on many boards over the years.

Dr. Neal Pearson


Neale has been LULAC Chaplain for several years.  His Ph. D is from the University of Florida-Gainesville.  He taught courses on the US, Texas, and Latin America at Texas Tech. He has published on parties, unions and different Latin American nations.  He analyzes elections for English and Spanish language newspapers and is an active Democrat and Presbyterian.

Carmen Vige

VP for Women

(Bio not available)

Julia Martinez

VP for Elderly

Julia's life has been about serving others. In 1995, she joined LULAC Council 263. She belongs to N.S.N.A. in District 1. In 2006, she received the Presidential Award from LULAC 263. In 2007, she served as VP for women; and currently serving as VP for the Elderly. 

Christy Martinez-Garcia

VP for Youth

Christy Martinez-Garcia is publisher/owner of Latino Lubbock Magazine. Her degrees are in Public Relations & Marketing, She worked for National Council of La Raza in Washington, D.C. Upon her return to Lubbock, she founded Latino Lubbock Magazine & the nonprofit Los Hermanos Familia.